Master Jesus, I ask today that you cover me and wash me in your precious blood. Empty me of envy, pride, greed, offences, conflicts and any work of the flesh assigned to hinder me in this journey of power. Deliver me from the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the works of the flesh. Send your purifying fire to burn out anything that is assigned to hinder me in this spiritual exercise.

O Lord, I ask this day that you will send your surgical knife of the spirit to circumcise my soul from any seed of darkness. Break me Lord, mold and saturate my whole life with your glory. Like the dew of the morning, let your divine presence come and dwell upon my heart. O Lord reign in me, cultivate my spirit and make it your ever dwelling place. Sovereign Lord, I ask that you draw me more closely to you and never let me go. Make me a prisoner of your love, purpose and power.

I here by consecrate and dedicate my whole life to this new season of power.


The Prayers of 2020

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