Real Stories

It is my prayer that the following testimonies will represent a prophetic headway for your change.  Testimonies are living proof that the Word of God is true and will not fail.  (Revelation 19:10b)  I pray that as you read through these testimonies, they will become a timely prophetic word to release your miracle.  If you receive a testimony through this ministry, please send it to us by filling in the testimonies form.


At the 2013 New Year’s eve service, Bishop Nanjo declared that 2014 as a year of uncommon expansion. I received it and sowed seeds. God has honored his word and blessed me with a house. I have moved from renting to ownership.
Helena O.

God Delivered me from dying

I came under serious spiritual attack and suddenly I couldn’t move my body. I felt so weak and fearful. Finally I was admitted at the hospital without any solution. I could not breathe or eat and was placed on a life support machine for two weeks. When all hope was gone, my wife and daughter were introduced to Bishop Nanjo at Restoration City Church and they received prayer on my behalf and came back with communion and anointing oil.

After I was anointed with the oil I felt changes taking place in my body and I knew that healing has occurred. I felt movement in my body like something heavy has dropped from my body. I came off the life support machine and miraculously recovered totally. I give God all the glory for my deliverance from premature dead. Truly the God of restoration is a God of answers.


I am free from loneliness

After facing many life challenges from my childhood years to early adulthood, I guess the impact ended me in a state of loneliness. I never had friends and whenever I had any I lost them so easily. I started experiencing severe depression and anxiety which made it very difficult to hang around people. I also suffered from low self-esteem which made the situation worse and further kept me in isolation from people everywhere.

I started getting worried about my life when a lady told me I was beautiful and also invited me to church. After I visited the church at Restoration City Church, the message on that day was about God’s value for my life. I was settled in my spirit for the first time that life can be better than everything I have suffered. After I was prayed for, I started the bible classes and now my life has become better, bigger and full of happiness. The power of God has set me free from loneliness. Thank you Jesus for saving me and giving me life.


My story changed from sorrow to joy

I always had men come in and out of my life who never wanted to settle for marriage. Growing up, my dream was to get married at an early age and settle quickly. By my late thirties I was still single without any sign of getting married. My own biological mother was so frustrated about my situation and started putting pressure on me to marry. I had so much pressure to go out for a partner which always turned out into emotional pain and discouragement. I finally made a decision to go to church after I saw Bishop James Nanjo on a television prayer show.

I started living right for the Lord and went through the prayer and fasting project for deliverance.  I now know how to trust God for change of life because Jesus has changed my story from prolonged singleness to blissful marriage. When I trusted God to move from immorality to a life that is holy and acceptable before the Lord, everything changed. God has been very kind to me and I am now happily married with the love of my heart. My story has changed from sorrow to joy.


Divine Promotion

In the year of uncommon expansion God made a way for me for promotion into managerial position with good wages.  I have climbed my ladder of success by the word of God at Restoration City Church. My 2015 will be bigger and better. Praise God


Prophetic promotions

During the 2013 New Year’s Eve service, God’s messenger called me out of the service and prophesied that I was overdue with my place of work. I loved my job and didn’t want to hear that, but he proceeded by saying I was fired from my job. I then took the word of the Lord on board and went out applying for better jobs. Since then I changed jobs twice and I am now in managerial position in my present job. I give God all the glory.


Deliverance from mental blindness

I had a wonderful and well paid career that I loved. As a single person I felt alright to be preoccupied with so many journeys for my job that I hardly had time to prepare and pray about my marital destiny. I became so preoccupied with work till my father in the Lord Bishop James Nanjo asked me one day when I was intending to get married. That question literally felt like scales fell off my eyes and mind.

I suddenly became conscious that I was now 38 years and did not even realize that my marriage was delayed. I started living a clean life by doing away with unmarried relationships and rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. I went through deliverance ministration and the following year the Lord made a way by ending the reign of marital  delay in my life. My story has changed and I am never the same again. I am ever thankful for my prophetic covering.


Blessed with Children after multiple miscarriages

I believe it was the Holy Spirit that led me to the ministry of Bishop James Nanjo. He led me so I can learn how to give attention to the roots of my problems. I had five miscarriages after marriage, and the situation was so bad that it almost ripped my world apart. I had happiness and peace no more as there wasn’t any medical solution to this problem. After I was exposed to the teaching and prayer ministry of Bishop Nanjo, my faith came alive again.

I became more dedicated to God. I received the prayers with new faith and hope. I used them always. As a result, I got my freedom from the mystery yoke and shame of multiple miscarriages. Now, God has blessed me and my husband. Finally, I had a baby after five years of miscarriages.


Double blessings

I stepped into 2014 with great expectation, based on the prophetic word of uncommon expansion by Bishop Nanjo.  The Lord blessed me with a car, opened a door for me to start university and honored me with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I am a living proof of double blessings. I look forward to 2015 for great testimonies.



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