Simple Prayers Of Spiritual Warfare Against Infertility


We acknowlege that many miracles have been achieved by the medical world for conception and pregnancy and these have been of immense blessing to the generations that are privileged to have benefited from them. It is also true that there are innumerable situations of infertility that have defied everything done by any couple in their attempts to have children. when biological or medical grounds become a limiting factor for not having children, that is when Simply prayers for spiritual warfare against infertility is most needed. Dr James Nanjo says, “When everything has failed and your womb does not bring forth fruit, this is the book to turn to, to rejuvenante your faith for fruit of hte womb.” You will discover: -How to win the war over barrenness -40 Prayers and Scriptures for friutfulness -Releasing Prophetic arrows -Victory over fertility -Plus 100 victory scriptures.

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