My Prophetic Dream Journal


The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Dreams

Most believers wish they could remember their dreams to use the information to their benefit. The Prophetic Dream Journal is purposely crafted for Christians to direct the user to an effective action plan that brings out the best of every dream. It is your personal journal for dream analysis and interpretation. The process of logging and tracking your dreams in the order listed in this journal will lead you to clues towards understanding your dreams to know what next to do. The journal is a guide to unlocking your dreams to discern if it is a divine message from God or demonic attack. If you don’t want to forget your dreams, this is what you need.

There are essential pieces of information required when writing down your dreams:
• Date, Time, and Venue
• Your dream description
• Type of dream
• The dominant emotions of the dream
• Emotional scale rating of the dream
• Possible meaning of the dream
• Prayer and scripture response