Confronting Controlling Powers Of Poverty


Confronting Controlling Powers of Poverty contains keys to receiving personal deliverance for financial prosperity. You will discover how to terminate the horrors of poverty for financial prosperity. The spirit of poverty in operation has robbed the destiny of many individuals. The lack of divine illumination on how to confront this evil monster has devastated many people’s life’s purpose. Dr James Nanjo has been sent by God to expose and terminate the controlling powers of poverty. This book contains: 20 dangerous signs of poverty consciousness, 8 ways to end poverty consciousness, 17 keys to unlock the flow of uncommon prosperity, 14 miracle money declarations, 100 money releasing prayers. You will receive fresh anointing that breaks the yokes of poverty and how to emancipate hostages of controlling powers of poverty. This book will bring you into deep prophetic prayers and declarations for the release of miracle money.

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