My Daily Solutions Journal


To enjoy a blessed devotional life, you need spirit-filled material with the information that guarantees your transformation. You need a devotional program that will help draw you closer and closer to the Lord by the help of the Holy Spirit.

This journal is a great resource for anyone interested in using My Daily Solutions Devotional for divine encounters and spiritual progression. The following will help you to track your daily readings and encounter with God from His Holy Word.
Key Notes of the Day: This is where you pen down the general summary of your day’s devotion.
Personal Response: Your answers to the personal response part of MDS is proof of what you got from the day’s devotion.
Life Application: Action plan on steps to applying the Word in practice.
Personal Revelation Notes: If you received a personal insight from the Holy Spirit in your devotion time, this is where you pen it.
Personal Prayer Request: Pen down your heartfelt prayer needs of the season.
Praying for people: Write out your prayer for specific names of unsaved souls for salvation in Jesus Christ and do the same for believers in need of divine intervention.
Gratitude/Testimonies/Notes: Pen down what you are thankful for or your testimony. You can also use this space for any notes to remember later.
My Daily Solutions Journal will help you save a wealth of golden information that will be useful for spiritual growth and in the future. You will stay committed to your daily devotion because of this journal.